When the sun comes up - You better be running

Its a post on reflection on Chile! Read till the end for an interesting twist!

It was in the air!  Its 11 September - Stay safe, stay home!

Our office was closed by 4 pm!  There was a general sense of concern and fear in the public on the streets! Apparently people in chile protest and get violent on 11 September! Because of the coup in 1973 


I had meetings lined up since morning and after every meeting people will be like ’ Go home and be safe’ 

My few meetings got cancelled since I insisted on meeting near Plaza Italia (City Center and close to where I live and work) where I was having my subsequent meeting! 



"I dont wanna risk my safety"

Wow! Now I was dead curious on whats happening out there! Whats the deal with this protest! By the time I reached home, I saw the roads were empty and you can hardly see anyone walking! Cops car are patrolling around the city! 

I had two options: 1. Sit back in comfort of home with heating and watch my all time favorite (life altering) documentary Cosmos or go out for a run in 9 degrees in finally face whats that scary thing happening out there! 

Surely sitting at home was the easier, But I had to choose the road up hill! 


It couldn’t have been more disappointing! To summarize: I could barely find anyone anywhere who could attack me or any form of danger! 

Here is the full narrative: Streets were empty you could just see cops in distance and their cars blinking lights! Other than that parks were ghost empty, You could barely spot a human around on feet! 

It was pretty interesting experience to run at such time! I was excited and looking forward for protest! 

Here is the close up of map: I went from Bella Artes to plaza italia, towards  Providencia and back to plaza italia, towards Down town and back to Plaza Italia and then back home! 



I particularly went around a lot around ‘THE’ Plaza Italia. But found nothing other than cops gathering and waiting just like me in disappointment for someone to show up! 



While I was desperately searching for the assholes who cause violence and destroy public property, what I found was surprising! 

I found two super old lady cleaning streets! I didn’t seem like they were employed! And even if they were I want to believe for now that there are good people who wants to do good, while others screw up! I was proud of Chile! 


Whats interesting here is that I was looking for those protesters and If I would have found them my perception of this nation would have been completely different (I might be whining here instead) than what I have now when I met these two old ladies! 

You see how we behave, what we do, who we are represents not just  what we are but everything thats associated to us like: Our Nation, everyone who trusted us, institutions we have been part! 

Act Responsibly! 

Never kick me when I am down,
because when I get back up,
You’re fucked!

Brace yourself! Bots are coming!

Interesting video and its completely true. Video suggests "what to do in the economy when we dont need so many people to work".

I think its a good question for economist. However for everyone else I would suggest thinking  "How can we make the bot revolution happen" How can we be the most integral part of this automation" 

Just the right time for the verse!

Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You’ve gotta get up and try, and try, and try
Gotta get up and try, and try, and try
You gotta get up and try, and try, and try

Key people in life!

My gym time thoughts and hopes! ;) 

The question was:

"If I get really rich or big investment, what is the first thing I will do for myself."

The answer was

"I will surround my self with 4 key people!"

These are the four key people: 

  1. Physical trainer 
  2. Human Resource expert
  3. Writer and Researcher
  4. Designer

Here is a quick reasoning why these four people: 

Physical trainer to keep my health in check, who takes care of my workout, my diet, food intake etc. etc. Since healthy body and mind is of utmost importance for me

Human resource helps me find the right person and someone who has an eye for right talent. This specifically is my weak spot. 

Writer and Researcher: Communication is essence of the business and life. So I want my communication to be mastered and crafted with perfection. Most importantly i think this is a full time job. What to talk to what person to get most out of relationship. 

Designer: Ah! Do i even need to answer that! 

Netherlands Team - Startups analogy

Why I love Netherlands team!

1. I love their play and technique. They are really well trained and skilled. What we see on ground is just a 90 minutes play. But the real thing is what goes behind. Their training from months to ensure they are in the best form when the time comes to perform. I think every entrepreneur needs to train himself physically and mentally with all the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. Success is the result of good training leading to good performance. 

2. I love their team composition. They just dont have one star player unlike most teams, but all equally outstanding players. Three star attackers and excellent defense. I think every startup needs to have a strong team like that. I would love to build a team for my startups like that! 

3. Energy - Its all about their attitude. They just don’t give up. They keep bombarding penalty areas without a hint of being tired. Their attitude is to never give up. When I see them play I sense a feeling that: They are willing to die on ground but not give up. This is the most decisive factor between winner and loser. Everyone feels tired. But the if you really wanna win, you just dont give up - You keep fighting.

4. Amazing Coach Louis: He knows game really well. Unlike other Coaches he doesn’t panic but I am sure has lots of things planned (Tim Krul introduction was his master piece) Every Startup Needs Advisors who knows the bigger picture (Market and Industry) and can make the right moves when needed. 

Thats it! I would love to see Netherlands win world cup. I would probably the happiest Indian or the only guy in Chile if Netherlands win.